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TF Brewing Flanker Reserve – Imperial Stout Aged in a Maker’s Mark Bourbon Barrel for 16 Months.

It started in October 2021 as we were preparing to launch Carversteak, our steakhouse at Resorts World Las Vegas. Our VP of Beverage and acclaimed mixologist, Francesco Lafranconi, travelled to Loretto, KY to select a proprietary Maker’s Mark Private Selection. As part of the process, he selected 5 staves, different toasted wood types, which are then aged with the whisky. The result is a uniquely customized product that gave Carversteak a proprietary whisky. You can find the stave profile he selected denoted on the side of the bottle of Flanker Reserve. At the distillery, they shorthand the stave selection numerically, so the Carversteak Maker’s Mark Private Selection is 0|3|3|3|1.

Early in the spring of 2022, our wonderful whisky was bottled and shipped to the restaurant and along with it came the barrel it had aged in. At the time, we had just opened the first Flanker Kitchen + Sports location in Salt Lake City. As part of the opening, we met a lot of wonderful people in the community including Kevin Templin, who is the owner and brew master at TF Brewing. What first attracted us to him was his amazing, award-winning beer and his passion for producing it. As we got to know each other, over many frothy pints, we asked him if we shipped the barrel to Utah, could we do a limited run of beer for one of our venues. He excitedly accepted and days later, the Maker’s Mark barrel was resting in his barrel room.

Sixteen months later, as we prepared to launch our third Flanker Kitchen + Sports location in Las Vegas, we knew just what to do with the beer, give it to our friends, family, peers, and associates. It represents our company’s connection to Utah, where the first venue opened, and how it inspired a lot of the design elements of the Las Vegas location. We look forward to showing you what we’ve created and toasting a wonderful libation, much like this one.

To see Kevin’s tasting notes on the beer, please watch the video below. Cheers!